free webinaR: SEPTEMBER 22, 12:00 P.M. (CENTRAL TIME)

How to implement UX best practices

For small to mid-size agencies & developers

A fast-paced one-hour overview how to apply UX best practices in small- to mid-size agencies when creating websites, apps, emails, ads and other digital deliverables.

You’ll take away the practical knowledge you need to start improving your work immediately.

   Topics covered

  • Why good UX design critical for agency success
  • Key UX design principles
  • Why UX is often counterintuitive for agencies
  • Basics of user testing, wireframing and prototyping
  • Staffing for UX
  • Incorporating UX best practices in agency workflow
  • Selling the value of UX best practices to clients

Who should attend?

It’s for everyone in the firm who touches digital design and development: account managers, project managers, creative staff, developers and management.


John Kuefler, founder of UX West, LLC., brings over 15 years of UX design experience in a 60-person agency, plus many years of creative services, web design and management experience.

John Kuefler

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