UX Training

Full day workshop

This workshop introduces user experience design best practices. It’s a crash course for creative staff and dev teams in the key principles and practices of UX design. Workshops are conducted on-site at your agency, design firm, development company or corporation for any number of attendees.

UX plays a critical role in making sure new products and services are successful. I’ll introduce your staff to the fundamentals and give them enough specifics that they can start incorporating best practices immediately after the workshop.

Workshop Structure

The morning session (10:00 to noon) focuses on the basic principles of user experience design and why UX is critical to success. (The morning may be appropriate for wider participation than the afternoon session.)

  • What is user experience design?
  • Why is UX design important for success?
  • Key principles: Twelve Dictums of UX
  • How to incorporate UX best practices into the development process

The afternoon session (1:00 to 4:00) is a hands-on workshop primarily for the team responsible for the creation and development of end products. Attendees will go through a mock project to learn how to applying the principles from the morning session in actual practice.

Lunch and Learn

Looking for something on a smaller scale? How about a guest speaker for a short jolt of UX inspiration for your staff over the lunch hour? I’ve got a one-hour intro to UX that will fill the bill. The what, why, who and how of UX design in a fast-paced summary that will get your staff thinking about the importance of UX best practices.

Let’s connect and discuss your needs. I’m happy to provide a free, no obligation estimate.