Harvesters regional food bank website redesign


Over time the Harvesters website had evolved to become gangly and hard for users to find what they needed. The site required a major update to better support Harvesters’ mission and make it more intuitive for people who need food assistance—as well as for those who want to help by donating food, time or money.


I started with a comprehensive audit of existing site content, studied web analytics, and reviewed stakeholder interviews. With that context, I reorganized the information architecture and created a new site map. Once approved, I built wireframes of the navigation for desktop and mobile as well as all key site pages. In that process, particular focus was placed on redesigning the food locator feature to make if easier for people seeking assistance to find what they need.

My role

  • Content strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Visual design direction
  • Developer requirements and oversight
  • Content migration

This project was done on contract for Useagility.


(Switch between desktop and mobile views with toolbar at top of wireframes.)

Slide to see BEFORE & AFTER

Harvesters website before Haresters website after