UX Design Services

I offer a full range of user experience design and consulting services to support corporate, agency or developer UX design activities. I’ll tackle projects from beginning to end or jump in and help with specific stages.

UX strategy and planning

UX Strategy

Outstanding user experiences lie at the intersection of user needs, business objectives, great visual and content design, and appropriate technology. New and existing websites, apps and other digital communications always benefit from UX design best practices: research, prototype, test, iterate, test…then code. I can make recommendations for how to apply those practices to make users happy and improve business outcomes.

UX research, contextual inquiry, ethnography


I help ground a project to make sure it’s built on solid footings. Empathy for the user begins with understanding who they are and what they want or need. What’s the context? Where and how will people use it? What do they expect? What are competitors doing? Do web analytics or other data uncover anything helpful? Through contextual inquiry and secondary sources I can help provide a framework for success.

Information architecture, IA, taxonomy

Information Architecture

Organizing things (sections, subsections, pages, etc.) and naming them (taxonomy) can be tricky. I can bring outside perspective informed by experience with how users typically act and think. I also employ user testing methods like card sorting or wireframe testing to assess the best IA approach.

Prototyping, wireframes, high-fidelity prototypes


Don’t risk building the real thing before you test drive a model. Prototyping before coding saves time and costly revisions. Rapid prototyping tools allow me to create interactive wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes that can be tested and then quickly modified and retested as needed to ensure success before production.

User testing, usability, UAT

User Testing

As soon as you create something you can’t see it like others do. This is the fundamental principle of user experience design: never assume. (You know, ass-u-me.) You can try to guess what users think, but luckily there’s a way to know for sure: ask them. I gather users’ perspectives with in-person or online moderated or unmoderated testing of wireframes or high-fidelity prototypes. Once a site or app is built, I can conduct user assurance testing (UAT) to make sure nothing’s broken before launch. It’s also a good practice to test existing sites or apps on a regular basis for continuous improvement.

User interface design, UI

User Interface Design

Great design is as functional as it is beautiful. Delighting users with a well-deigned, intuitive UI is one key to success. As an experienced graphic designer, well-versed in UX and interaction design, I can help take a product from good to great.

Content creation, digital content management


UX is nothing without great content. It’s critical to provide users with content that meets their needs: content that’s useful, beautiful or entertaining as well as accurate and up-to-date. Check out UX West content services.

Digital content creation


Need an entirely new website or a revamp of your current site? Using any or all of the services above, carefully tailored to your business, I can create a website from scratch to replace an aging site, or update your current site.

Let’s connect and discuss your needs. I’m happy to provide a free, no obligation estimate.