UX Lunch & Learn

For agencies, developers, DESIGN FIRMS AND corporate marketing/communication departments

My UX Lunch & Learn is fast-paced one-hour overview of best practices and how to apply them when creating websites, apps, digital ads and other digital products. It’s live, just for your team, online or in person. Formatted as a story with eight chapters (which you can preview in this trailer), you get an overview of fundamentals plus enough practical details that you’ll be able improving your UX design practices right away.

The lunch & learn is a live presentation (online or in-person) with Q&A to ensure it’s relevant to your firm.

Who should attend?

UX design plays a critical role in delivering work that’s successful and produces the desired outcomes and as such it’s relevant to nearly all job functions. It’s for everyone in the firm who touches any part of the digital design and development process: account managers, project managers, research, creative staff, developers and executive management.

What’s the format?

It can be done via Zoom or in person (in the Kansas City, Wichita or Topeka areas) for any number of attendees (preferably 3 or more). Do it over a lunch hour (you’re welcome to eat while I present!) — or any other time of the day that works for you.

What topics are covered?

  • What is user experience design? (Hint: it’s not web design or development)
  • Why is good UX design critical for success?
  • Key UX design principles
  • Why UX is often hard for agencies and devs to practice due to innate biases
  • How to incorporate UX best practices into the workflow
  • Getting started with user testing and prototyping

Is any preparation or followup required?

No prep needed, just come with an open mind. The presentation deck which includes links to helpful resources is made available after the presentation to all attendees.

What does it cost?

It’s free. (Just bring your own lunch.)


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