A one-page microsite for a new brand launch


CritiTech wanted to launch a new pharmaceutical technology brand within the framework of its existing corporate brand structure.


I built a one-page website with a short animated video at the top that introduces the technology in broad strokes. Then, below the video as the page scrolls, the technical details are presented using animated infographic-style visuals.

My role

  • Brand consulting
  • UX strategy
  • Video production and animation
  • Content design
  • WordPress development

View site to see content animate as the page scrolls.

The video I created for the top of the site explains the Purcision technology platform in broad strokes, followed by technical detail below it as you scroll down the web page. I made the aspect ratio more horizontal than normal so that it would stay “above the fold” on typical web browsers.

I also created a standard 16:9 aspect ratio version of the video for social posts.