Informative, inspiring and entertaining UX videos

I hope you enjoy this curated selection of videos about user experience design and related topics: What is UX? How is UX design done? Why does your website need a “Home” link in the navigation? What’s the best book on user experience design? What tools are best for prototyping?

Norman doors

This is one of my favorite UX videos from the “father of UX,” Don Norman. It tells a simple story, is well produced and humorous, and most important it’s very enlightening.

Observe, Test, Iterate, and Learn

Don Norman, the father of UX, spells out the basics.

Why you need a “Home” link

I have a very hard time convincing designers that websites should have a “Home” link in the main navigation. They assume that since they know the logo is the home link, everyone else does, too. Those kinds of assumptions are fundamental UX mistakes. Please watch this video from NN/g.

Don’t Make Me Think

A review of my favorite UX book, “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug.

Figma is not for prototyping

Why use Axure for prototyping rather than Figma, Adobe XD or other tools?

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