Ten of my favorite UX quotes

I hope you enjoy this short collection of user experience design quotations. These words of wisdom from sages and experts say more in a few words than I can say in a 500-word post! “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how … Read more

Checklist for creating a great website

If you’re building a website from scratch – or revamping an existing site – where do you begin? This post will help with the many questions that will need to be answered to create a great website. I believe the perfect website lies at the intersection of the … Read more

Let’s all get past the “4D” web dev process

When we first started building websites, we used what we called the “4D web design process.” I’ve seen 4D expressed a couple different ways as either Discovery, Definition, Design, Development; or, Discovery, Design, Development, Deployment. Amazingly, despite my chagrin, the 4D process is still in use by many … Read more

Why agencies and developers struggle with UX

Agencies, designers and developers - UX design and creativity should work together

I have a thesis that agency people have a strong bias that is antithetical to good UX (user experience) design. And, like all biases, it must be overcome to achieve the best outcomes possible. I’ve worked in the agency business for several decades. I started as a graphic … Read more